Our team's experience with a wide variety of customers in the IT products/solutions and services space ensures that we have the industry experience to represent you as virtual employees and as an extension to your sales and marketing team across regions and verticals.

  • We have delivered every project on time and within budget
  • Our lead approval ratio has consistently remained the highest in the industry
  • Our leads acceptance ratio in your internal sales system is also higher than industry standard
  • Our DM reach ratio is also the highest in the industry. In other words, if there is a DM that exists – we will find him/he to pitch your solutions.
  • We are NOT an Integrated Marketing Company.
  • We understand the sensitivity of client information – All our employees are bound by strict integrity and confidentiality clauses as part of their service level agreements with Doon Consulting.
  • We also have appropriate technology in place to ensure that the client data and information is not exploited.
Proprietary Database

We have built a huge intelligence over the last few years and have over 80,000 unique companies in our database today with over 1,50,000 contacts.

  • We continue to develop more databases to be able to add value to our clients.
  • We understand the need to do appropriate target market identification exercises. So, offer services like – database development, procurement, if needed, validation etc.

  • Quality Assurance is a mantra for Doon and its team.
  • All our work – 100% of our work goes through a heavy round of QA. This is to ensure that the end product that is delivered to the client is error free and is beyond expectations.